Current Youth Activities



Watch for event details in weekly emails and Facebook posts to youth and parents. Please make sure that Jeff and Pastor Kathy have all your email addresses. We can also mail a weekly update to you.

Youth Director: Jeff Teague


In October the Youth Group participated in the UMW Rummage sale followed by an evening at Comedy Sportz (improve comedy show much like Whose Line Is It Anyway) followed by a lock in at the church.

We also had separate Mystery Trips for the Junior High and High School. The Junior High went to the Dixon Corn Maze and the Senior High attended a screening of the documentary film “They Call Us Monsters” at the Crocker Museum. This film followed the journey of three juvenile inmates and what happens when they discover their abilities and imaginations through screenwriting.



Nov 1                    Meet Up

Nov 5                    Church-Sunday School-Youth Group/Scavenger Hunt

Nov 9                   Meet Up

Nov 12                 Church-Sunday School-Youth Group

Nov 15                  Meet Up

Nov 19                  Church-No Sunday School-Trip to Centennial UMC for Confirmation Ceremony-Leave EGUMC at 10:00am-Youth Group

Nov 23                 No Meet Up Due To Thanksgiving

Nov 26                 Church-Sunday School-Youth Group-Decorate Youth Room For Christmas and Secret Santa Name Draw

Nov 29                 Meet Up

Dec 3                    Church-Sunday School-Youth Group/Adopt A Family Shopping Day

Dec 7                    Meet Up-Deb

Dec 10                  Church-Sunday School-Youth Group

Dec 13                 Meet Up

Dec 17/18           Church-Sunday School-No Youth Group-5:00 All Church Caroling/Youth Group Christmas Party and Lock In

Dec 21                 Meet Up

Dec 24                 Church-No Sunday School-No Youth Group due to Holiday

Dec 27                 Meet Up

Dec 28                 Mystery Trip-Meet at EGUMC at 9:30am

Jan 12                  Parent Meeting/Dinner


If you are new to our church, have friends you would like to invite or just want to learn more about EGUMC Youth Group programs, here is information about our ongoing events:

 What is Youth Group? Youth Group is a weekly meeting that takes place following second service. We eat lunch together in the Youth Room and then spend the rest of time discussing and planning upcoming activities, sharing faith related experiences and discussions, playing games and sharing in fellowship. Youth Group starts at noon and ends at 2:00.

What is Mid-Week Meetup? A chance for the Youth to get together in the middle of the week. Mid Week Meetup is held at the Starbucks on Elk Grove Blvd and Auto Mall Parkway from 6:30-8:30. Youth do not have to attend the entire time and friends are encouraged. One drink is on the Youth Group. We play games, do homework and share in fellowship. The dates alternate between Wednesdays and Thursdays so make sure to check the monthly schedule for exact dates.