Current Youth Activities


Watch for event details in weekly emails and Facebook posts to youth and parents. Please make sure that Jeff and Pastor Kathy have all your email addresses. We can also mail a weekly update to you.

Youth Director: Jeff Teague



Preparation for SSP Sunday

We have a few special dates to get in the calendar as we prepare for SSP Sunday. On August 13 at Youth Group, we will choose the songs we will be singing at the service. All Youth should plan on attending so you can participate in the selection process. Even if you did not attend SSP you will still participate in this portion of the SSP Service.  On August 15 we will have a speech writing workshop from 6:30-8:00. We will develop the speeches for all the SSP participants based on their experiences. Each SSP participant will give present their speech in front of the congregation (at both services) on SSP Sunday. Only SSP participants are required to attend the speech writing workshop.  August 19 will be the SSP rehearsal dinner. All Youth should plan on attending. This will begin at 6:00 and will be over by 8:30. August 20 is SSP Sunday. We will be presenting at both services. Youth should plan on arriving Sunday morning at 8:00am.

Flamingo Flocking Continues

EGUMC Annual  Flamingo Flocking continues through the end of August. This is a fundraiser for the youth where you choose a house to flock with pink plastic flamingos. The youth and parents will quietly and secretly disperse the flocks on Sundays and then return on Wednesdays to gather them up. Small Flock is $10, Medium Flock is $15 and large flock is $25. Are you worried you may get flocked? Anti-Flocking Insurance is available for $10 (covers August). Not only will this prevent you from being flocked but you can then choose where the flock should nest for that week.  Please contact Amy Heidemann  or Jeff Teague for more info or look for the order forms in the information racks on the sanctuary.


In August our excited and exhausted SSP group returned from Smith River on the 5th. “Building Together” was the theme this year and the Youth were able to experience that through service, fellowship and their relationship with God. On August 20 the Youth shared their experiences at the annual SSP services. From Liturgist to special music the Youth planned and ran both services.






































Our 2017-2018 Drama program kicks into full gear in September. Drama provides an opportunity to share your gifts with congregation, connect our community with the sermon topics, learn and practice speaking and creative skills and share in fellowship. We have opportunities for available for those who would like to be in front of an audience as well as those who prefer to help write and prepare the material. All are welcome. Please contact Jeff for more information.


Confirmation Sunday is September 24. Youth who participated in 2017 Confirmation Camp at King’s Beach will be participating in this special program during service. Please join us and praise as our youth take this next step in their faith journey.


We also send blessings and prayers to our graduating seniors, Maddy, Liam and Rachel. Maddy left for Humboldt on August 14th. Her family traveled with her to help her set up her dorm and prepare for the next step in her journey. Rachel is heading off to University of Oregon. She will be heading off to college mid September. We will have a Congregational blessing for her on September 10th at second service. Liam leaves for Seattle Pacific University on Sept 19th. We will have a .Congregational blessing for him at first service on Sept 17th.






Sept 17                      Church/Sunday School/Youth Group

Sept 20                      Meet Up

Sept 23                      Consecration Ceremony

Sept 24                      Church/Sunday School/Youth Group/Confirmation Ceremony and Party

Sept 28                      Meet Up

Oct 1                          Church/Sunday School/Youth Group

Oct 4                          Meet Up

Oct 6                          Parent Meeting Starbucks at 6:30

Oct 7                          Rummage Sale Lock In/Comedy Sportz

Oct 8                         Church/No Sunday School/No Youth Group due to Lock In

Oct 12                       Meet Up-

Oct 15                       Church/Sunday School/Youth Group

Oct 18                       Meet Up

Oct 20                       Junior High Mystery Trip with Jeff

Oct 22                       Church/Sunday School/No Youth Group due to Mystery Trips /Senior High Mystery Trip with Pastor Kathy

Oct 26                       Meet Up

Oct 29                       Church/Sunday School/Youth Group/Meal Ministry/Bullying Workshop



 If you are new to our church, have friends you would like to invite or just want to learn more about EGUMC Youth Group programs, here is information about our ongoing events:

 What is Youth Group? Youth Group is a weekly meeting that takes place following second service. We eat lunch together in the Youth Room and then spend the rest of time discussing and planning upcoming activities, sharing faith related experiences and discussions, playing games and sharing in fellowship. Youth Group starts at noon and ends at 2:00.

What is Mid-Week Meetup? A chance for the Youth to get together in the middle of the week. Mid Week Meetup is held at the Starbucks on Elk Grove Blvd and Auto Mall Parkway from 6:30-8:30. Youth do not have to attend the entire time and friends are encouraged. One drink is on the Youth Group. We play games, do homework and share in fellowship. The dates alternate between Wednesdays and Thursdays so make sure to check the monthly schedule for exact dates.

What is Drama?  Practice for the Drama piece that is used at the second Sunday Service. We write our own dramas and through this process engage in spiritual and faith based conversations. We encouraged everyone to participate and there are other opportunities to participate beside being “onstage.” Drama meets on Tuesday night of every week with the exception of summer and holidays.

Drama will meet in two groups:

  • 6:00-7:30pm on Tuesday is the Writing Sub Committee
  • 7:00-8:30pm on Tuesday is the Acting Sub Committee
  • There is a time when both groups will be combined from 7:00-7:30
  • Drama will meet either in the Rainbow Room or the Sanctuary

About the Writing Sub Committee

  • The job of the Writing Sub Committee is to take the sermon topics/descriptions or holiday/special dates and create dramas that will be used during the Sunday Service.
  • This process will include picking a drama scenario, creating dialogue and writing the scripts to be used in the Sunday Service.
  • This process also includes discussing your spiritual journey, sharing your spiritual beliefs, personal history etc… to create stories that are relevant and interesting to our congregation. Don’t worry, names and details will be changed to protect the innocent.
  • We want to create dramas that utilize all forms of theater (comedy, drama etc..) as well as other types of literature, performing and visual arts including poetry, singing, drawings, etc.
  • On a monthly basis, the sermon topics, dates and Bible readings will be passed out to the group. We will try and organize these a month at a time.

About the Acting Sub Committee

  • The job of the Acting Sub Committee is to rehearse and perform the drama scripts written by the Writing Sub Committee.
  • Please try and prepare your calendars so you will know when you can and cannot attend practices and services. Remember that the practice on the Tuesday before the sermon is usually dedicated to preparing for that drama that will be presented so you will need to be available both dates to participate in that specific drama as well as the final run through before service (see next bullet point).
  • Aside from the Tuesday night practices, we will also do a final run through of the script with sound and props on Sunday morning at 10:30am. Please try and arrive on time since we are very limited on the time we have to run through the drama before members of the congregation begin to arrive.
  • We will also do drama/theater exercises and games so we can have fun and continue to grow our skills.

Other Questions/Information

  • Can I be in both Sub Committees? Yes you can. Just clear you calendars so you can attend both parts of the meetings from 6:00-8:30pm on Tuesdays.
  • What if I am going to miss the Sunday Service, should I still come to the Tuesday practice? Yes, you can still participate in the games/exercises and help in other ways.
  • We typically will not have a drama on the first Sunday of each month but we will still utilize the prior Tuesday practice to get ahead.
  • We mostly only perform our Dramas a the 11am Contemporary Service.