Discover Classes

Maybe you’ve been to worship
and felt the presence of God…
or enjoyed meeting some people here
or your kids seem to really like their Sunday School class
or you’ve felt the need to connect with a caring community
or you’ve discovered a real hunger to know God more deeply at this time in your life
Maybe you’re ready to take the NEXT STEPS in discovering what God has in store for you and who our community is…

If any of these statements describe you, you ARE ready to take the next steps in a Journey of Discovery that our church provides. We’ll give you vital information about cultivating your journey with God; studying Scripture, navigating our church community; discovering your own God-given gifts and talents and how to use them; understanding the importance of small group life; and clarity about becoming a member of our church community.

Talk with the Pastor.


Pick up a “My Discovery Journey” card from the pastor and take the following five classes that will give you as much information about our church and introduce you to the Christian life as our community defines and experiences it. You don’t have to take the classes in any particular order. All of them will be held at least twice a year with notice given in the bulletin or on the screen regularly. You can always call the church office for dates and times as well. Check off completed dates on your card.

When you’ve completed your classes, you can decide if you would like to become a member of our church by informing the Pastor of your desire.

Discover My Church (3 hours)
Class discussions center on what life in the church community is like, what core beliefs and values our church holds, what our mission and vision is, how our history has defined who we are, and how you can participate in the life, ministries, work, and mission of our church.

Discover My Gifts (2 hours)
Through surveys, participants will discover their own spiritual gifts, their skills and talents and explore how they might utilize them in our church community and beyond.

Discover the Bible (5 hours)
Through the book, A Romp Through the Bible, this “Bible 101” class gives a very brief introduction to the various texts in Scripture and provides a look at how Scripture can be read and studied in personal as well as community contexts. Textbooks are loaned for use.

Discover My Membership Vows (7 hours)
Becoming a member of the church involves making promises to God and our church community to practice intentional faith development, passionate worship, extravagant generosity, radical hospitality and risk taking mission and service. This class is designed to “unpack” what each of those terms means in the our community life together.

Discover Faith Formation (6 hours)
Through reading A Blueprint for Discipleship, participants will discuss the importance of small group life, “watching over one another in love,” and practicing the Three Simple Rules (do no harm, do all the good you can, and stay in love with God) as a way of becoming lifelong disciples (learners) of Jesus Christ. Textbooks will be loaned for your use.

Current Schedule: 2017-18 calendar