Kids’ Christian Education

Christian Education classes for children are held Sunday mornings between first and second service at 9:45 AM. It is our goal to provide nurturing opportunities for spiritual education outside regular worship services.

Pre-school – 3rd grade class is Godly Play; Godly Play is an open approach that provides children with ways to support, challenge, nourish, and guide each child on their own journey through a Montessori religious education. The philosophy understands that all children have had some experience of the mystery of God but may lack the language, permission, and understanding to integrate their spirituality into the fabric of their lives.

Godly Play teaches children the art of using religious language (parable, sacred story, liturgical action, silence, gestures, and so much more) to help interpret what happens in their daily lives. In doing this, the children experience stories of the bible by telling their interpretation of the stories with beautiful hand crafted materials that they are free to choose as well as building materials and art. Godly Play is offered to children pre-K (3 years and potty trained) through 3rd grade on Sunday mornings from 9:50-10:50 AM in the Library.

Our 4th– 6th graders use Deep Blue, which is a curriculum with activities designed to capture attention and instill lifelong Bible skills in older elementary children. It connects children to the Bible so they become closer to their peers, to their families, and to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It Speaks to children’s lives today and helps them apply their faith every day. It uses a variety of learning styles and various skill sets to ensure each child can be reached in a way that’s meaningful to him or her. It also includes fun dramas which interactively reinforce the Bible’s message.