Nursery Care

We welcome you into the Elk Grove United Methodist Church Nursery! Where, parents are as invited in, as our children. We strive to provide a loving, caring, and supportive space for our children to play and share in God’s love.

You never know what may be going on in the nursery; the kids may be “cooking” something up in the play kitchen, sculpting up fun with play dough, enjoying a video, coloring or playing outside on our new state of the art play ground.

Parents are always a welcome addition to our nursery! We welcome all visits and will work with you according your family comfort level. Many parents also find they find they can share support with each other here as well.

We have an awesome child care staff of adults and youth. We are all are certified in CPR and all adults are finger printed. The nursery staff provide care for a wide variety of church programs. We also offer a special “Date Night” once a month for a special night out for parents to enjoy a few hours for themselves. Please check the church monthly newsletter for details and RSVP requirements.

Please do not hesitate to ask a group leader about childcare if there is a program you would like to attend, but may need childcare.

Please make a point to drop by for a visit and allow us to introduce ourselves!