We live in a wonderful world created by God. The air we breathe; the sun that helps our food to grow; the water that cleans and slakes our thirst; as well as the ability to love family, friend and enemy; and the ability to learn, earn, heal and grow all comes from God. God blesses us so that we may indeed be a blessing to others. One writer put it well, Giving helps us to become what God wants us to be. God invites us to be a generous people who share what we have with others.

At Elk Grove United Methodist Church, we encourage members and friends to be on a continuing journey of stewardship. God has called us to be stewards (caretakers) of the earth and all that is on it. Through stewardship we are invited to examine how we spend our time; how we use our wealth, money and resources; and how use our gifts and talents to work for God’s values here on earth. Throughout the year we have the opportunity to learn and consider how to be good stewards through sermons, worship, education and activities. Thus, stewardship is both personal and corporate as we seek to reflect God’s values in all that we do.

“The world of the generous gets larger and larger.” Proverbs 11:24