Adult Education

We have several educational opportunities for Adults during the Sunday School hour on Sunday morning. Some are short-term classes including our Discovery Series, stewardship focus and health oriented as well as Bible studies. Check out our Get Involved pages on the website for current information on short term groups.

Genesis to Revelation Journey

Bible study that is broken into 13 week segments. The study helps participants: explore what does the Bible say?; understand the meaning of the passage by considering such aspects as ancient customs, location of places and the meaning of words; and connect the meaning of the scripture to their own lives. The class is taught on Thursdays from 10 -11 AM and Sundays from 10:00 – 10:45 AM All are welcome.

Discover Classes

Discover Classes give you vital information about cultivating your journey with God; studying Scripture, navigating our church community; discovering your own God-given gifts and talents and how to use them; understanding the importance of small group life; and clarity about becoming a member of our church community.  For more details, please visit our Discover Classes page under Get Involved.

Small Groups

Groups offer opportunities for their members to wrestle intentionally with the questions of faith:  why do I go to church?  Why am I a Christian?  What does God have to do with my daily life and choices?  John Wesley, founder of Methodism, believed that when people held themselves accountable for developing their relationship with God within the safety of a small group of people, two things happened.  People experienced a growing closeness to God and they felt supported and cared for by someone else from their church. For more details, please visit our Small Groups page under Get Involved.

Living Compassion Group

This is a group that meets to explore and practice the topic of living more compassionately in the world.  They do this through reading various books and literature and watching films.  The group meets every Monday at 7:00 PM in the Rainbow Room except for the first Monday when most members join the Committee on Diversity & Inclusion meeting.  All are welcome.