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Pledges of Appreciated Labor is an unofficial group at Elk Grove United Methodist Church. A group of mostly retired folk meet as needed to do tasks that insure a pleasant and safe Sunday morning experience.

Tasks include minor repair, bulb replacement, electrical, paint-touch up, AC filter cleaning, porch and stair safety (they don’t do windows nor ovens!) and lots of other small tasks that aid the Trustees in caring for the church.

Conversation and fellowship at coffee afterwards is also important. PALS helps participants to have sense of accomplishment away from home!

Trustees Workday

Elk Grove United Methodist Church has been blessed with a wonderful location for our mission and ministry. Elk Grove United Methodists who have gone before us have left us with a wonderfully old building and we have been hard at work to renovate and upgrade these buildings. As the Capital Campaign, Moving Forward with the Mission of Love, has come to a conclusion and as the Renovation Committee winds up its work, it is important for use to care for our facilities so they may be a base for us to work from now and 100 years from now.

To that end, the Trustees are sponsoring once per month Saturday morning work days to take on various projects to help us maintain our buildings–projects such as painting, repair, in-depth cleaning, pruning, weeding, and washing windows. I hope that you will come out and participate in as many of these work days as possible. They are designed to last no longer than 2-3 hours. They begin at 9 AM and end by 11:30 AM. Participants are encouraged to come and have breakfast at the Saturday breakfast before starting on the tasks of the day!

See Upcoming Special Events for the next scheduled work days.