Congregational Care and Health

Congregational Care is a Ministry targeted at taking care of all members of our church family.  We partner with other individuals, groups and committees within our church to provide a holistic approach to helping families meet various challenges that come their way.  Our goal is to have enough awareness and depth to provide consistent care, regardless of a single person’s availability.

Everyone is at least an informal member of this ministry.  One of the key things we do is provide a weekly opportunity list noting who is in need of care and how we can help them.  Members and friends of the EGUMC community are encouraged to use that list to send a card, or make a call or visit when you have a moment.

The more formal structure of this ministry is providing monthly training and check-in for people providing care.  We meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Rainbow Room.  We talk about how things are going for the care givers and the care receivers, any questions we have, topics/areas where we would to know more, and just how the program is going in general.  Kenneth Haugh’s book “Christian Caregiving:  A Way of Life,” was the foundation of our training.  Subsequent topics were selected based on what the group wanted to know more about.  Some of these topics were:

  • Hospital Visitation
  • Active Listening
  • Using & Creating Prayer
  • Ministering to the Dying
  • Serving Home Communion
  • Grieving

All you need is a desire to help us promote and improve the caring systems of EGUMC.  Volunteers can sign up for one or many areas of service such as:

  • Visitation.  Those in the hospital, at home recovering from surgery/illness,  or otherwise unable to attend worship
  • Calls/Card.  Letting people know you are thinking of them by providing a phone call or sending a card.
  • Walking with individuals during transition or crisis times
  • Serving communion or anointing with oil for those unable to attend worship
  • Newcomer follow-up.  Making sure people are aware of ways they can get connected
  • Staying in touch with those who are becoming disconnected from the church
  • Staying in touch with college members away from home

All members are encouraged to review the weekly Opportunity list that is provided to see where they might help.  If you would like to learn more about Christian Caregiving in general, or a special topic, let us know, and join us on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Our Health Ministry provides quarterly seminars on health topics related to needs in our community and church. We host a quarterly prayer vigil with a theme for specific concerns in our world at the time. We sponsor a Tai Chi Class and Nami (Mental Health support Group). We write a health care ministry minute for the newsletter and keep current a bulletin board of health care information in Bartholomew Hall.