Jr and Sr High Youth

Our youth ministry serves youth from 7th – 12th grade. Some of our youth ministry includes all youth and other aspects are divided into age levels (Jr. and Sr. High).

The following are basic to our understanding of our youth ministry:

  • Youth are an integral part of the church.
  • The church has the responsibility to help the youth grow in Christ and become fruitful members not only of the congregation, but also of the community.
  • Our youth can be, and many of them have been, leaders in the church now, and they are certainly our future leaders.
  • The church has the responsibility to help the youth grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

There are currently five main parts of our youth ministry:

  • Christian Education (on Sunday mornings)
  • Mid-week meet-ups for fellowship and informal conversation
  • Youth Fellowship (Sunday afternoons, trips and special event)
  • Sierra Service Project
  • Drama Ministry (Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings)

Youth ministry provides these benefits:

  • It provides a way for our youth to actively participate in the church.
  • It establishes an organization where the youth can have fun and fellowship with others their own age.
  • It teaches our youth about Christ, his church, and living as a Christian.
  • It provides a structure around which our youth can form their value systems under Christian guidelines.
  • It gives our youth a sense of belonging.
  • It provides our youth with a constructive outlet for their energy and social growth needs.
  • It provides the church with youthful insights into worship and related activities.
  • It provides an opportunity for our youth to serve others inside and outside the church.

Youth ministry is divided into three major areas.  The common thread throughout is to help our youth learn more about God and being Christians.  The three areas are:

  • Social and fun activities
  • Service and mission activities
  • Bible studies, faith development and personal growth

Some of the traditional activities are:

Spring – Lock-In (sleep over in the church basement)
Spring – 30 hour famine (to raise money for hunger ministries) or Faith and Sexuality seminar for teens and parents
April – Dinner and service auction (Youth fund-raiser)
June – Lodestar All Church Retreat
Summer – Santa Cruz Trip
Summer – Sierra Service Project  & UMC Youth Camps
August – Youth Informational Meeting & BBQ
October – UNICEF Collecting or CROP walk (a walk that benefits organizations that help with hunger)
Fall – Lock-In (sleep over in the church basement)
November – Variety/Talent Show that benefits Scholarship Fund
December – Christmas Caroling and Party
December – Shopping for Teen Wind Center and Adopted Family