Our Committees

Church Committees and Teams

The daily work of Elk Grove United Methodist Church continues only through the commitment of our staff and church community. Each Committee has a special area of interest in serving Elk Grove United Methodist Church. Committees form goals and utilize a budget to forward the work of the church. The Chairperson of each committee meets monthly as part of the Church Council to report on activities and discuss the needs of the whole church. Each fall, members and friends have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on a committee during the following year. Members of administrative committees are nominated by the Committee on Lay Leadership and elected at the All Church Conference or the Church Council. Elk Grove United Methodist Church committees and ministry teams are listed and explained below.

Board of Trustees

The Board oversees, maintains, and supervises all of the Elk Grove United Methodist Church property and is the legal corporation for the church.

Chauffeur Committee

This committee provides rides to church functions for those that are unable to drive.

Chef Committee

This committee provides meals to those in the congregation that are in need of meal preparation due to illnesses or bereavement.

Christian Education Committee

This team plans and co-ordinates opportunities for Christian education including:  Sunday School, Godly Play, Bible Study, and other educational events.

Church Council

The Council co-ordinates and oversees the administration and programs of the Elk Grove United Methodist Church. The Council is made up of elected church officers, committee chairpersons, and member-at-large.

Congregational  Health and Care

This team provides all types of care to congregational members and oversees the exercise program, seminars and health ministry related concerns.

Elderberries Committee (Older Adults)

This committee plans and oversees opportunities that bring older adults from our church and community together for activities and fellowship.

Fellowship Ministry Team

This team plans and implements opportunities for the church family to gather and have fun including a variety of social activities.

Finance Committee

This committee oversees the finances of the church.

Garden Ministry

This group oversees our raised bed gardens which provide fruits and vegetables for our meal ministry and to whomever would like some.

History Committee

This committee maintains the church history by preserving papers, photos, and memorabilia.

Lay Leadership Committee (Nominations)

This committee recruits and nominates volunteers for ministry positions within the church.

Lodestar Retreat Committee

This committee plans and oversees the annual all church retreat at Lodestar.

Membership Care Ministry Team

This team co-ordinates programs that provide for congregational care including:  welcoming new members, tracking church attendance, organizing meals, etc.

Memorial Committee

This committee records and acknowledges all memorial gifts to the church. The money is used in a way that creates a living remembrance of those who have died.

Memorial Service Committee

This committee oversees the receptions for Memorial Services.

Men’s Retreat Committee

This committee plans and oversees the annual men’s retreat.

Reconciling Ministries

This committee plans and oversees our involvement in Sacramento Gay Pride Weekend; provides special opportunities during the year that focus on welcoming everyone and oversees our reconciling ministries Sunday.

Scholarship Committee

This committee holds fundraisers to develop scholarships for church members undertaking study through higher education.

Staff Parish Relations Committee

This committee functions as the Personnel Department of our church, by acting as liaison between Pastor, church staff, and the congregation.

Stewardship Ministry Team

This team plans and oversees classes, the annual stewardship campaign, and promotes stewardship understanding within the church.

Women’s Retreat Committee

This committee plans and oversees the annual women’s retreat.

Worship Committee

This Committee provides visuals in worship, trains members for the worship ministry team and helps the pastor in planning and evaluating worship.

Worship Ministry Team

This team works with the Pastor in leading worship as liturgists, greeters, ushers, communion servers and worship team leaders.

Youth Council

The Council is comprised of the Pastor, Youth Director, Youth Counselors, several teens, and interested parents. The Council has periodic meetings to schedule programs, fellowship activities, and community service.

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