Progressive Dinner

28th Annual Progressive Dinner

Please join us for this fun dinner party, where you are guaranteed to meet some new friends and enjoy delicious food! All adults are welcome, couples and singles alike! The Progressive Dinner has been held annually for 27 years and has always been a great time. Here’s how it works: Everyone will meet for appetizers at one house (location to be determined). Once there, you will “draw names (and maps)” to determine where you will have your salad and main courses.

These courses are smaller, more intimate groups with different guests at each. Who you will be dining with will be a surprise until you get there! The whole group will then gather together once again for dessert. Participants will either host a small group for soup/salad or a main course or provide an appetizer or dessert. Hosts are asked to let us know the number of guests they can accommodate when they sign up. As far as menu and degree of formality goes???

…Whether it’s pulling out the china and having a formal sit-down dinner…or a relaxed picnic on the patio. It’s completely up to you! That’s part of the fun.

Childcare will be provided at the church if needed.

This year’s dinner will be on August 12, 2017.